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Who we are?

We are the creative office that develops cost-effective and visually satisfactory home pages, graphic design and social media marketing such as search engine optimization for businesses, bloggers, and personal users. We combine digital marketing and branding in our work.

DSGNRS provides web sites that are overwhelmingly distinguished. We offer more than just general formatting. We also build with all intuitive architecture that guides the user through the activities you want them to follow. Your website must be intelligently designed to comply with your brand and represent your business.

We create fully responsive and mobile friendly content. Our goal is to have the sites we produce as functional as possible in cluding the social media aspect. Also the SEO (search engine optimization) is web friendly and a crutial part of our services.

The team creates unique and beautiful designs to match your requests! We use mainly WordPress and MODx on our websites creation and the latest tools for the graphic designs. We also provide e-commerce sites for the companies that need it on Opencart, Shopify & WooCommerce!

What we do?

Web Development

You will get the most stunning, modern and updated website. Quickly and efficiently by the young and innovative team.

Digital Marketing

We grow your brand and look for global attention. The goal is to get the customers to your website with the help of good content, active page optimization, and context advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social media gives you the ability to learn more about your customers, their interests, and gather feedback with their ideas, questions and proposes.

Graphic design

We provide you a highly customized version of graphic design. We are up for a challenge. With the latest tools and techniques we guarantee the results will wow.

Why you should choose us?


Fresh looks

Beautiful, modern designs from our creative team that produce quality work. With young and innovative vision the looks will wow you.


Intuitive Interface

With easy to use interface and user experience that brings people and customers together is a big wow factor for us. We strive to produce a easy but great user experiences.


True Power

Together we create powerful design. We try to make a visually beautiful and empowering work.


Solid Code

The tech behind the visual beauty comes from the creators who have passion for their work. With backgrounds of BA in graphic design combined with information technology/computer science.


  • DuuniExpo


    Daniil designed and produced a website for the work fair in Lahti alone and the end result was perfect. The result was neat and clean website. The page represents in all kind of ways DuuniExpos image. Its young and fresh. He was also dedicated to update the site, so the wanted changes were updated quickly.

  • Edgar Zindoga


    Huge thanks to my really good friend Martin for making this happen. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you.

Our team

Martin Gembege
Martin Gembege

Web Design

Daniil Korobkov
Daniil Korobkov

Web Design

Evgenii Sverchkov
Evgenii Sverchkov

Web developer, SEO

Jani Tohkanen
Jani Tohkanen

Sales Manager

Isabella Inutile
Isabella Inutile

Graphic Design



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